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Dental Abutment

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Dental Abutment


Success or failure of implants depends on the health of the person receiving it, drugs which impact the chances of osseointegration and the health of the tissues in the mouth. The amount of stress that will be put on the implant and fixture during normal function is also evaluated. Planning the position and number of implants is key to the long-term health of the prosthetic since biomechanical forces created during chewing can be significant. The position of implants is determined by the position and angle of adjacent teeth, lab simulations or by using computed tomography with CAD/CAM simulations and surgical guides called stents.


We, Yesimplant has been started a dental implant business over 5 years since 2008.
One of the most strong points is to develop overseas markets including Europe, China and other Middle East Asia based on high awareness of domestic dental brand image and in part on the basis of the excellence of the product quality.
we will actively pursue our key management goal of “Natural Teeth and implantation.
bettering the livelihood” and become the forerunner in setting the global standard in the field of dental implantation.